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St. David’s Foundation needed a site that would visibly demonstrate their work in the community, make it easy for the public to find information, and be intuitive for folks in all departments to update.

A Closer Look

One of Austin's largest charitable organizations, St. David's Foundation's website had become unfocused and cluttered, needing organization, an updated look and the ability for multiple staffers to make frequent changes to site content.

Staats Falkenburg, St. David's Foundation's marketing agency, brought Go9Media to the table to provide the site's organizational strategy and build the new website. Using the open source Joomla content management system allows SDF staff to keep the site up to date.

Go9Media and Staats have continued developing online tools for St. David's Foundation, including an internal communications and file sharing tool, an online governance system for their board of directors and the social event / fundraising promotional site,