Getting to Yes the Go9 Way

by Dave

A while back, I was watching one of my favorite reality real estate shows (yeah, I know) when a particular phrase came up twice in the same half-hour: "Not gonna happen."


That threw me for a loop the first time I heard it (when a seller was refusing to lower his price), but knocked me over the second time (when an agent was refusing to budge on some issue — an agent, mind you). Not that there aren't issues that shouldn't be agreed to, but there's something to be said about making a refusal in a more solution-oriented way.


In short, I don't subscribe to using a phrase like "Not gonna happen." It's simply not the Go9 way. In fact, whenever possible, we like to find a way to say, "Let's make it happen!"


How can we do that, you might wonder. The Go9 way is to start every partnership with our clients by discovering what success looks like. We want to know what you're looking to achieve.  Then, by doing our due diligence and discovering who you want to reach, what actions you want them to take and how best to make that happen, we prepare a strategy for you. That strategy guides everything we do from that point forward: from design, to functionality, to development. We make sure the strategy fits you.  Then any time a question arises during our work we go to the strategy document and let it help guide us to an answer.


The clarity provided by this crucial first step acts as a set of guardrails that help keep your project on course and protect you from sidetracks and surprises that can result in increased costs or an elongated timeline.


Your specific project strategy also helps us provide appropriate solutions for your requests, because — let's face it — needs and requirements sometimes change over the course of a project and we want to be able to say, "Let's make it happen!"


"Not gonna happen" is, well, simply not gonna happen at Go9!

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